Wednesday, September 9, 2015

New definition for "Tchotchke" and a spelling lesson!

SO... turns out that word I tried to spell yesterday is real...hah!  Thanks to my dear friend Amanda Frankel over at Our Crafty Playdate for sharing the correct spelling!  It's a weird one, isn't it?  Turns out it's Yiddish... where my family got this word and started using it on a regular basis I'll never know... but that spelling is tricky!
So...try singing it to the tune of "Oh Christmas Tree"... (which is a tad ironic, I'm not sure anyone Yiddish would even have a Christmas tree right?  I mean... I dunno... maybe they do, but that's a lesson for another day) 
"OH... TCH O TCH KE blah blah blah blah blah' ARE singing right?   Hey... THIS is how my brain works... what can I say?
Now... we'll need to add another for our crafting world... because if you look it up.. it's supposed to be a "small decorative object" or "trinket"... I guess that's pretty close to "an embellishment on a papercrafting project"... right?  So... take note of the cute tchotchkes on yesterdays project post!  Happy Wednesday folks!  Go stamp something fun!  

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  1. There are lots of Yiddish words in common usage, so I'm not surprised your family would have picked this one up. You know, like schmaltz and klutz, shlep and oy vey, and shalom. And none of them are easy to spell! :)