Even more fun!

Want to know the best way to have fun?  Join my group of Stampers In Stitches... we stamp, we laugh, WE EAT... it's all fun!  If you are in the western suburbs of Chicago, and you aren't a "SISer" yet... you are missing out!
When you become a member of Stampers In Stitches... YOU GET:
  • Monthly... well most months... gatherings... where we stamp and eat and share ideas, etc... 
  • SWAPPING... we love to swap! 
  • Member of our Facebook group where the sharing goes on 24/7 
  • Member of our Yahoo group... which I am hoping to phase out once the "die hards" figure out facebook... hahhhahhhaaahaaaa!
  • You will have a minimum of 3 months, up to almost 7 months to shop with Stampin' Up! at a minimum 20% discount! 
  • After that initial time frame, if you've manage to "shop or sell" a total of $300 (easy peasy!) then you get another 3 months to play!  You can discontinue your membership anytime... no commitment! 
  • TO GET STARTED... You order a wish list that YOU choose... totaling $125 in products... and pay just $99 plus your local sales tax... FREE SHIPPING! 
  • It's all FUN... trust me!  This group is known for THE FUN... WOOOO HOOOOO!

Want more than just FUN????   Wouldn't it be grand to be able to "support your stampin' habit" without having to sock money away from the grocery fund?  hah!  I can help you with that too! I've been "playing this game" for over 12 years now... and trust me, you CAN make money with this hobby of ours!

CONTACT ME NOW ... glendastamps@comcast.net - I CAN ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS!

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